sexta-feira, 16 de fevereiro de 2018

NEW RELEASE: João Bispo - Sorrir EP

Today we release João Bispo's new record Sorrir EP.

Comprised of two instrumental pieces for solo electric guitar, this is an unusual release for me, since I tend to focus very much on layers of instruments rather than solo work.

But the songs made sense in this format.

It felt like some sort of celebration of where life has brought me and my endeavours in music.

I hope you enjoy it.

Available now on Bandcamp.

quinta-feira, 1 de fevereiro de 2018

PREVIEW - Stream João Bispo's "Sorrir EP"

João Bispo has made his upcoming release "Sorrir EP" available for streaming exclusively on Soundcloud.

This will be João 's first release since his 2016 record "Todo este Tempo ", and contrasts the restless composition style from before, giving way to two instrumentals performed on a single guitar, more introspective and dream-inducing melodies.

Track listing:

1. Ser teu - Sorrir (To be yours - To smile)
2. Sonho-me no teu lago (I dream myself in your lake)

Listen to "Sorrir EP" here:

sábado, 20 de janeiro de 2018

Flying Cape Experience - "No Lies" single

We welcome 2018 with the release of Finnish duo Flying Cape Experience's new deep-diving single "No Lies".

Already featured on Finnish music site Soundi, this is the first taste of their coming album for 2018.

You can stream and download this song here:

segunda-feira, 6 de novembro de 2017

The Virgance - Worship the Moon: Limited CD orders available now

You can now order The Virgance's fantastic new record in cristal case CD format from our Bandcamp store. Price is set at £5 plus shipping costs. Shipping starts on November 14th.

You can still download the digital version of the record for free or Name Your Price.

Enjoy the music and support the artist!

terça-feira, 31 de outubro de 2017

OUT NOW! The Virgance - "Worship the Moon" LP

We proudly present "Worship the Moon", United Kingdom's The Virgance a.k.a. solo artist Nathan Smith's fourth album.

The Virgance has since his first record "Lost Continent" accustomed us to a mellow, reverb-ladden mixture of shoegazing guitars floating in parallel to droning keys and percussive elements at times reminiscing of some Peter Townsend sounds, paving the neural pathways to entranced, reflexive states of mind.

This time around, inspired by the idea of creating an imaginary soundtrack to a horror movie (lycan-themed perhaps?), Smith set his guitars aside to give first role to keys compositions. The result sounds somewhat more introspective, and setting of a mood simultaneously intimate and dislocated from the mundane, otherworldly.

This is the perfect release for this Halloween's playlist, and it's out now on our Bandcamp page as a Name-Your-Price download.

So go have a listen here and support at leisure:

quarta-feira, 20 de setembro de 2017

The Virgance - "Worship the Moon" out on October 31st 2017 - Full album stream pre-release

The Virgance
Worship The Moon
El Vals del Conejo
31 October 2017

British shoegazer embraces dark side of dream-pop on imagined soundtrack


FOR FANS OF:  Slowdive, Air, Pink Floyd, Brian Eno
LEAD TRACKS: Terrorforming, Curious Case, Country Of The Past, Lunar Power

On Halloween, 31st October 2017, the El Vals del Conejo label presents ‘Worship The Moon’, the fourth LP by alternative rock artist The Virgance, aka Nathan Smith from Colchester, England, who further explores his conceptual approach to album-making on this forty-minute imagined horror soundtrack. Since his debut release in 2014, Smith has earned BBC Radio 6 Music airplay, Drowned In Sound and Decay FM end-of-year chart placings and received critical acclaim in the shoegaze community and blogosphere. Though previously known for making primarily “shoegaze” music, Smith’s latest sounds, for the most part, rather suggest the categories of “dream-pop” or “ambient rock”.

‘Worship The Moon’ certainly marks a shift in direction for The Virgance in terms of composition and arrangement, but above all, instrumentation. Organ, electric piano, synths and sound design are now muses of choice, substituting the swirling, effects-laden guitars that dominate the first three LPs, though not always resulting in the biggest of departures stylistically – the spacey, angelic slow-core found here on penultimate track ‘Lunar Power’ is arguably one of the most “shoegaze” moments produced by The Virgance to date. Despite the absence of foot-pedals and guitars, followers of The Virgance will recognise one or two familiar elements to the sound, such as the trademark ethereal female vocal textures, organic drums and increasingly important bass lines. Opening with down-tempo, synth-driven ambient rock and easing into dream-pop territory, the album begins to evolve darkly, becoming noisier and then more abstract, before a return to ethereal atmospherics precedes an energetic, crashing finale.

1. Country Of The Past
2. Terrorforming
3. Curious Case
4. Dream Feed
5. Lunar Power
6. Out Of The Woods

“Gloriously saturated sound that carries across a true sense of accomplishment” ~ Unsigned & Independent

“Shoegaze anthems that rest easily on the ears and allow listeners to unwind as they unfold” ~ Pure M

“Delightful, airy and enchanting” ~ Stereo Embers

"A textured, visceral experience of instrumental drone, shoegaze and experimental noise" ~ Sounds Better With Reverb

"A one-man maelstrom capable of both extreme shoegaze squall and moments of serene beauty...what a beautiful, ferocious world Smith has created" ~ The Active Listener

“Original and inspired” ~

“More atmospheric than most” ~ CMJ

"A beautiful concoction of distortion, synths and drums that will take over every frequency your speakers can produce" ~ The Equal Ground

segunda-feira, 7 de agosto de 2017

Flying Cape Experience premiere new video for single "Fire Between Us" on DecayFM Shoegaze Radio

Watch Flying Cape Experience's video for their new single "Fire Between Us", it's guaranteed to make your Monday shine!

Premiered exclusively on DecayFM Shoegaze Radio yesterday. Check their review here.